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Black Truffle Sauce, Noble Handcrafted
Black Truffle Sauce, Noble Handcrafted

500 gram



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Noble Handcrafted Truffle Sauce is small batch crafted and highly sought after. The ultimate versatile blend for any application. Fresh Italian Summer Truffles are combined with earthy champignons, olives, garlic, salt, parsley and aroma brightly tied together in sunflower seed oil. It's a ready to use gourmet addition to your kitchen, use it to elevate any dish! Toss on any fresh hot Pasta. Spread on warm bruschetta. Blend with Vegetables or combine with cheeses. Perfect for all proteins and is a rich addition to sauces, gravies in a potato dish or to amp up a frittata. 

The Noble Handcrafted line of truffle preserves are crafted in the Mountains of Northern Italy by a fifth generation Italian truffle dynasty committed to harvesting only the most fragrant truffles in the world. We think you will find the Noble brand of truffle preserves to be of the highest integrity.


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