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Yakami Orchard Japanese Ponzu
Yakami Orchard Japanese Ponzu

750ml Bottle

artisan & exotic


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Yakami Orchard Ponzu is a base, not a ponzu sauce. All natural, with unique properties of yuzu zest, yuzu juice, mirin, rice wine vinegar, kombu, and bonito shavings. The perfect foundation for the addition of Takuko White Shoyu to create a delectable ponzu sauce for dipping, marinating, or as an ingredient in a recipe. Yakami Orchard consists of a family of growers, some fourth generation, upholding the traditions of producing quality citrus products. Cool ocean breezes give this region some of the world’s finest citrus, including yuzu, sudachi, and kabosu. The unique citrus from the Yakami growers is processed in small production batches, ensuring the quality and consistency of these delectable fruits. Whole fruit production is utilized, capturing the intense aromatic qualities of the zest and the clean, pure flavor of the juice. This production method is why Yakami Orchard products are coveted by professionals in all food service establishments. For many, these very special citrus products will be a first time experience. We urge you to try these exotic flavors in your journey towards culinary excellence.


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