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Frozen Sea Buckthorn Berries
Frozen Sea Buckthorn Berries

1 lb Package

berries and fruits


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Sea Buckthorn berries are plump, juicy bright orange berries. They require no peeling or de-seeding; like blueberries, they may be eaten out of hand as-is, juiced, or blended. The berry itself has a thin skin and is very fragile. They are edible when fresh but have an acidic flavor. 

Use sea buckthorn juice as a lemon juice substitute. Sea Buckthorn berries contain malic acid, the same type of acid that gives an apple its tart flavor. They are great for chutneys, sauces, syrup, compote, vinegar, mousse, tea, tarts, smoothies, sorbet, tarts, curd, cakes, parfait, panna cotta, jelly, jams, rugelach & soups! Not to mention, they are an omega powerhouse. Try your hand at spirits and make Sea buckthorn Gin, infuse the fruit in Vodka or drizzle in a Champagne fizz!

Upon receiving the berries, they should be remain in the plastic bag they arrived in and be placed in the freezer until they are ready to be used.


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