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Fresh Shishito Chiles Peppers
Fresh Shishito Chiles Peppers

1 lb Package



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Shishito chili peppers are a perfect addition to any kitchen or new idea for tapas or a snack. These peppers are available year round and have a lovely vegetable flavor with typically a mild heat. Caution, sometimes the off one will have a little more heat! When cooked, they develop savory, smoky nuances. They are best suited for lightly cooked applications such as blistering, grilling, sautéing, and roasting. These chilies are more commonly served as an appetizer or tapas style application, fried in oil, finished with sea salt, and served with the stem. They can also be chopped and put on pizzas and pasta, mixed into paella, stirred into curries, cooked into omelets, tossed into salads, or served alongside sauces and spices for dipping. NOTE: Before preparing, a small hole should be poked in the peppers to prevent them from bursting when cooking. Storage Tips: Leave unwashed in a paper or plastic bag in your refrigerator. We recommend you use within 3-4 days of receiving.


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