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Black Himalayan Truffle Peelings, Noble Handcrafted
Black Himalayan Truffle Peelings, Noble Handcrafted

200ml Package

$61.95 $46.95/PACK


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Noble truffle peelings are a convenient, year-round way to enjoy the pungent intensity of black truffles. Our black truffles have a mild, subtly musky, earthy flavor that enhances many foods. Noble Himalayan peelings are of varying size and are packed in their juice to preserve flavor and freshness. Try them as a dressing for fresh pasta or salads, they can also be used to create rich gourmet sauces. The Noble Handcrafted line of truffle preserves are crafted in the Mountains of Northern Italy by a fifth generation Italian truffle dynasty committed to harvesting only the most fragrant truffles in the world. We think you will find the Noble brand of truffle preserves to be of the highest integrity. Storage Tips: Keep Refridgerated once open.


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