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Fresh White Shimeji Mushroom
Fresh White Shimeji Mushroom

1.1lb Case (5 packages)



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Known in Japan as the bunapi shimeji, this asian mushroom has a mild nutty flavor that is highlighted by its crisp texture. The Hon Shimeji mushroom will retain much of its crisp texture through cooking and as a result is very commonly used to provide some additional texture to stir fry's, soups, and stews. Storage Tips: Mushrooms should be kept in the refrigerator in a paper bag. Mushrooms will usually last about a week in the refrigerator, but are best consumed within the first three days. If the mushrooms you receive are a little damp, allow them to air dry in the refrigerator. Mushrooms should be fully cooked prior to eating. As a rule, clean the mushrooms as you need them, ideally without water. Paring knives, mushroom brushes, and tea towels can all be used to remove debris. It is not uncommon to find the occasional bug on a mushroom, simply wipe it off and know that the mushroom is still perfectly safe and delicious to eat.


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