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Fresh Summer Truffle (40-50 grams)
Fresh Summer Truffle (40-50 grams)

40-50 grams of truffle


50 g

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Truffles are a true natural luxury. Rare and indulgent, they are sought after by epicureans around the globe who see them as black gold. This deliciously decadent ingredient stimulates the senses and indulges the palate. Although not as prized as the winter variety, Summer Truffles are still considered a culinary treasure. Like the winter variety, they grow among oak, hazelnut, elm, poplar and chestnut trees. Their appearance is quite similar to the winter variety, with a dark, round outer skin and light yellowish-grey flesh inside. Though not as perfumed or flavorful as a white or balck winter truffles, their fragrance is lovely, yet very subtle. Best used in simple dishes to let the Fresh Truffle flavor be the star without being over powered. Truffles are often used sparingly shaved over fresh pastas or risottos! 

You will only be charged for the amount that is packed, the range is between 40-50 grams! Store truffles in the refrigerator wrapped in paper towel in a sealed container. Use within 3 days of receiving.


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