Farro Verde
Farro Verde

5 lb Pack


1 pack


Farro verde is harvested wet and fire-threshed quickly over an open fire to extract the grain while keeping its moisture intact. Farro Verde is parched green emmer, spelt and/or einkorn. Farro verde is called many names worldwide, including green emmer, green farro, freekeh, green kern, etc.

The grain is harvested in a small window -- while green, before it ripens -- and must be dried and parched (roasted) before it is ready for market. Availability of Farro Verde is limited ( as little as 3 times a year) because the window before the grain ripens (its "green' stage) is limited. This grain has a unique smoky flavor and is enjoyed by chefs looking for bold flavors. A beautiful texture when cooked, smoky aroma, finish with some smoked salt to amp up any meal!

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