Yellow Quick Grits
Yellow Quick Grits

5 lb Pack


1 pack


Henry Moore Yellow Hominy Corn is an authentic South Carolina-grown hominy corn bred over 150 years ago. (Classic hominy corns have big, round kernels.) Regular milling leaves Henry Moore cold, so we treat this old heirloom the way it likes to be treated: before harvesting, we let the corn dry on the stalks in the field, and then crib it up for a time thereafter so winter drafts can perform their final subtle drying, kernel by kernel. This process develops lovely flavor characteristics that come out brilliantly complex and satisfying when cooked.

Produced from authentic whole corn hominy grist, but milled slightly finer than Antebellum Grits, Anson Mills quick grits possess the natural whole corn richness, creaminess, and fragrance of 100% germ-retained corn. Quick grits make great spoonbread, grits cakes, and tamales. Stove time: about 20 minutes.

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