Pecan Oil (Jean Marc Montegottero)
Pecan Oil (Jean Marc Montegottero)

17 oz Bottle


1 bottle


The Pecan oil has a sweet aroma, somewhere between hazelnut and almond, and it can be used to season salads, rice (white, wild, risotto, pilau), fish or white meat. Why not try it on a hard cheese or in a dessert? You will find this oil to be quite versitatle!

Manufacturing process: The pecan nuts are crushed and cooked for 30 minutes. At list, they are pressed during 3h00 and filtered. No more adjuvant is added during this process. They are no antioxidants in the oil.

Ingredient: Pecan nuts originally from the USA. In this virgin oil, we have only pecan nuts. There are no other ingredients.

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