Pistachio Oil (Jean Marc Montegottero)
Pistachio Oil (Jean Marc Montegottero)

17 oz Bottle


1 bottle


Artisan oil maker Jean-Marc Montegottero, with the help of an entire team, keeps the practice of making virgin oils from 100% fruit alive. The Huilerie Beaujolaise produces completely natural virgin oils, each made using only one type of fruit. One fruit, one oil. Prized by world class chefs, the oils and vinegars from the Huilerie Beaujolaise are simply the finest oils and vinegars available today. This wonderful oil can be used with raspberry or balsamic vinegar; its distinctive flavour goes perfectly with avocado, chicory, prawn cocktail or green beans. It is also delicious with potatoes, pasta, rice, red mullet or shellfish. All of Jean-Marc Montegottero's products are pressed and created using only a single ingredient.

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