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Calamansi Lemon Vinegar (Jean Marc Montegottero)
Calamansi Lemon Vinegar (Jean Marc Montegottero)

17 oz Bottle


1 bottle

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Artisan oil maker Jean-Marc Montegottero, with the help of an entire team, keeps the practice of making virgin oils from 100% fruit alive. The Huilerie Beaujolaise produces completely natural virgin oils, each made using only one type of fruit. One fruit, one oil. Prized by world class chefs, the oils and vinegars from the Huilerie Beaujolaise are simply the finest oils and vinegars available today. Can be used wherever you would use lemon, but only in small quantities due to is strong taste. Use it in summer raw vegetable salads, hot or cold fish, and shellfish. You can also use it in desserts to add flavour or to tone down sweetness. Keep fresh and shake before use. All of Jean-Marc Montegottero's products are pressed and created using only a single ingredient. Storage Tips: Keep Refridgerated once open.


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