Fresh Wasabi Rhizome
Fresh Wasabi Rhizome

One Rhizome


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Its pale, lime green flesh appears somewhat dry and emits little aroma. However, once grated it reveals a creamy, moist consistency with a fiery, mustard-like flavor and pungent fragrance. Traditionally used as an herb and flavoring agent for condiments and in various dishes. Peel and grate your fresh Wasabi and puree with mayonnaise to use as a condiment, grate into a paste or toss minced Wasabi with sesame oil, soy sauce and rice wine vinegar, and mix into a dressing or marinade. Each Rhizome ranges in size with an average of ~50 grams. The fresh wasabi that we are proud to carry is grown off of the Oregon Coast, USA. This wasabi is grown using a semi-aquatic system that allows the growers to use much less water that traditional wasabi growing techniques, thus lessening their impact on the environment. Storage Tips: Keep refrigerated until ready to use. Best when consumed within three days of receiving.

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