Dried Wild Matsutake Mushroom
Dried Wild Matsutake Mushroom

2 oz Package


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Matsutake Mushrooms (also called “pine mushrooms”) are sliced and dried to preserve the distinctive flavor and aroma of this highly prized mushroom, sometimes described as spicy, fruity and piney, with pungent undertones. Highly aromatic when fresh, dried matsutakes retain much of their distinctively spicy aroma.

They are best enjoyed in simple preparations that allow the mushroom’s unique flavor and aroma to take center stage. Preserve their delicate aroma by cooking them simply, either by steaming, roasting, broiling or in a simple, clear soup. Toss a handful of chopped matsutake mushrooms into a pot of rice as it steams to infuse the rice with the mushrooms’ flavor and aroma.

Rinse mushrooms under cold running water to remove any initial debris. Dried wild mushrooms can be reconstituted by placing them in a bowl with warm water, wine or stock. Mushrooms should rehydrate in 15-20 minutes and then be strained in a colander to remove any excess liquid and debris. Once reconstituted, the wild mushrooms will yield about 6-8 times their dried weight. Mushrooms must be cooked before eating.

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